The Bardeli company

The Bardeli company exist since 1990 as a family business in Poland.
As one of the biggest producers in Poland we offer width range of products:
Ties and scarves advertising with logo for every circumstance.
We can create chosen pattern according to your own design. Only your imagination and surface area of the product is the only limitation.

We sew in below techniques:

  1. Company ties – the logo is woven in the fabric production process.

The material is jacquard.

krawaty jedwabne reklamowe
  1. Advertising ties – logo, pattern, background color is printed on the entire surface of the fabric from which we sew ties.

            It is your choice if material is silk:  glossy or a matte.

apaszki reklamowe z krawatem
  1. Scarves – It is a full print on the entire fabric.

It is your choice if material is: natural silk or synthetic silk-glossy or matte.

apaszki bardeli

Bardeli - Firma RM, 43-400 Cieszyn, Stalmacha str. 24,

phone : +0048 509 701 557 (Thomas)